BoxBlow gives you: - Infinite play mode - Instant, quick play - Skills - Experience points - Level Ups ...but watch out... this game is seriously addictive!

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Project Description

Do you spend a lot of time on the bus or train? Are you searching for a way to give you brain a five minute break to relax? Do you like easy puzzle and pure high score games? Than BoxBlow is everything you are looking for! BoxBlow is pattern finder game. Tap the screen to blow up groups of same coloured boxes to build a high score and activate skill powers. Be careful though - if you let any boxes fall off at the end of the conveyor belt, it's game over! Don't worry about falling off too much though, because even if you do, you'll get bonuses for it - so use them wisely! Play as much as you can to grow your experience points (XP) which will be saved in your profile. You are granted skills as you level up and these little babies will make your gameplay easier in the BoxWorld.

Project Details

Year: 2015
Client: Stereobold


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